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Troy University supports drug free lifestyle
Red Ribbon Week in Dothan-Houston County
Dancing with the Stars... Dothan style!
Teens' binge drinking puts them at possible risk for osteoporosis
Federal drug czar issues warning regarding 'bath salts'
Alabama bans sale of so-called 'bath salts'
K2, or "synthetic" marijuana, also called "Spice" making the rounds
2012 Dancing with the Stars
Polls Finds Few Parents Believe Their Own Teens Are Drinking or Smoking Marijuana
Teen Slang
Rural Teens More Likely to Abuse Prescription Drugs
Momentum Builds Against Alcohol Energy Drinks
Northview art students win billboard design contest
RADAR center open to the public!
CDC Releases New Report on Binge Drinking
More U.S. Americans Drinking, Surveys Show
Few Colleges Follow NIAAA Advice to Prevent Student Drinking
'Icing' Drinking Game Goes Viral; Smirnoff Denies Responsibility
CDC Survey Finds that 1 in 5 U.S. High School Students Have Abused Prescription Drugs
New National Study Reveals that 1 in 20 Adolescents with a Serious Respiratory Condition Has Used Potentially Deadly Inhalants in the Past Year ...

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